If you call them out on it you’ll get a response along the lines “wtf relax you asshole it’s just a fucking joke. Unfollow me. Mehmghh mehh”. But we all know that subconsciously this is what most of these Instagram models #DoNothingBitches want. A lot of them acquire it too. You see the homie on the bed? They work all their life’s to become wealthy as fuck, so when they retire they basically become an Instagram photographer. Yes an Instagram photographer. Who do you think is taking the pictures on the yachts, jets, and exotic beaches? Some 65+ year old don. Beats ending up in a nursing home though. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Are we supposed to feel sorry for these men?! Not so much. They could enjoy their retirement with their wives or someone on their wavelength, but no.

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