Fellas, ladies too; next time you’re out and engage with someone you suspect is a #Trollop, ask them a simple question; what has been your biggest accomplishment in life? If she’s a hoe she’ll 1. Stutter and look at you with the confused puppy head tilt, 2. Ask you to repeat the question, to buy more time to think, 3. Nervously smile, and say “that’s a good question” and counter attack with asking the same question and giving you a compliment to throw you off. Deep down they’d like to say “that time I fucked Stewart a senior banker and he got me a Rolex which allured more customers whenever I was in upper class places.” For example; this hoe here #WhoPaidForThatCharter #WhoTookThePicture #SoManyQuestionsAndNoAnswers #ShellJustThrowYouOffWithATitPicture #HowDoYouTravelSoMuchWithNoJob #HotelsEveryDay #DifferentCityWeekly #DoYouHaveAPersonalPhotographer #HowSway #SponsoredByLarryTheCEO #WhenMarthaLarrysWifeIsAwayInTheHamptonsTheMiceComeOutAndPlay #ProfessionalDickSquatter #TagTheSponsor

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