It’s Friday and as promised, TagTheSponsor delivers. Here’s another example how these girls get flown out and appear on yachts and PJs. Do you guys remember the Scandinavian blow up doll we posted last week? Well our buddy Cello the oil heir decided to contact her to confirm some doubts you guys had.   

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  1. That’s awesome. Benhoein region is excellent.

  2. Lol love how he said think about it and in the meantime… Haha legendary stuff! He probably lost her when he tried to switch it on himself. He should have asked how far she’s willing to go minus the salmon. Ah well, next one 🙂

  3. This girl has to sell her body because she is missing a brain.

  4. Lmao !!!! Mr. Binfakin lol (been-fuk-in)

  5. This entire post reads like an adult Dr. Seuss. Love the Binfakin from Benhoein who owns air and camels. I wonder how hard the writer was laughing when he was typing.

  6. Damn again a post where the girl didn’t agree to nothing…lame?????????

  7. I don’t know, does she really have to agree when right off the bat she’s like, sure, I will let a complete stranger pay to bring me to another country and yes, I’m fine with him taking me shopping, which must be just because I’m so beautiful and he must not want anything in return? No. That’s a thot. Non that women aren’t going to simply say, OK! without a second thought to such a surreal request.

  8. Sorry, that should read, " Non-thot women aren’t going to simply say OK!".

  9. Rofl busted btch!

  10. Salmonphelia? funny shit!! lol

  11. I’ve seen her friend Johanna and her out several times…. Ain’t fking with no broke nias

  12. Right. They didn’t ‘agree’ to anything, but sex for money. You guys should also do a post of what a real non-working girl would say or do if someone approached them for ‘prostitution’.

    A real non working girl would either ignore any request or curse the requester out.


    But all these ‘they didn’t agree’ working girls instead, want to not lose the bait just in case it’s real men paying for real money.

  13. AL-Dei (ALL DAY BinFakin (Been Fuckin) LOLLLLLL

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