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Soon as men see that big clear jug and that italic @ProteinWorld handwriting we know  right off the bat she has horrible credit (600 or less), about 67k followers (give or take 20k depending on hoeness), excessive gym posts with minimal fitness knowledge, a kid who don’t see his father, a car that’s about 12k miles past needed oil change and a roast beef vagina that’s been ran thru by every athlete or baller within a 50 mile radius of whatever major Metropolis city she is closest to. Reposting the shit out of these products cuz she really hurting for that $80 a post these weak companies give them.  Sound about right fellas?? It’s almost too easy/frequent to spot these days ??? #TheBreakdown #GregoryGreensFact #ProteinWorld #FitTea #Hoeciology #Hoerithmatic #HoeScience???? #FitnessModel This message has been brought to you by the #RealNiggasAssociationOfAmerica ✊??? a group of distinguished gentleman on a quest to expose all fuckery for the alpha male to see. #RNAA  RP: @gregorygreens

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  1. That "$80 a post these weak companies give them"-statement is something i thought about for a while.How is the kickback for these hoes calculated?And what are the negotiations like?We have any sales-rep among us who could bring light to the situation?

    • I do advertising, bdm, marketing etc. and honestly it’s pittance. Because there are so many of them for one (they aren’t unique and priced themselves to a lower market)And because it’s not real world exposure. They’ve bought their followers and stuff to begin with, so it’s barely even a target audience. More than 50 percent followers would be simp men. They aren’t interested in weight shakes etc. I work with Bridgestone – who spend 700 million a year on r and d alone. And they’ll barely pay 400 bucks to a grand tops for these kinds of product slot pieces of crap. It’s just not smart business. You quite literally have women out there who will do it for FREE just to say they are an embassador, model etc. they certainly aren’t making decent money, if any, if even regularly or at all! They aren’t Kardashians, which is what they all think, hope and aspire to be. Sigh.

  2. What Gregory Greens doesn’t understand is that he has the type of character which attracts the type of women he complains about. A guy who runs a blog about "hoes" and smokes weed on a regular basis and is involved in drug culture and the entertainment isn’t exactly going to attract a loving and loyal good Christian girl who would make a good wife and mother.

  3. Actually that picture you have of my sister is straight bull shit she has her bachelor’s degree was a model before instagram and she is by far a hoe she started doing this protein world before any of these bitches started so the company made them look bad by just asking any pleasant hoe sorry were not all inherted money and live off of daddys muli millionare companies

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