Other than bad credit, headaches and a loose pussy with the grip of dull pliers. what do you think this pretentious Trollop could bring to the table?  Booking in bio, God knows for what. Works at a strip club but posts subliminal captions throwing shade at strippers. Doesn’t model, because with a body like that, name one reputable agency that will sign you. Delusional egotistical megalomaniacal. Perfect candidate for a Trollop narcissistic case study.  As I type this, I’ve ordered a gallon of Gorilla shit from shitsenders.com to be delivered to the address in her bio. Along with a nice little note, with love from TagTheSponsor. This is the type that’s loud mouth, but falls asleep with her make up and without brushing her teeth. The type to take 3 hours to text back and the deepest convo you’ll have with her other than when she’s hitting at free shit is, “wyd? Nm jc”. It is a fact that these donkey kong with a corset shaped bitches have a trash box. The pussy is basura. If you’re going to sponsor get yourself an Eastern European Trollop. Those don’t talk as much and most are aware of their self worth. Avoid these bigoted thots who at the end of the day go home and sleep on an airmattress while eating ramen noodles. And we all now that a poor diet equals smelly pussy. PS. God bless the camel that this bitch riding on. Mohammed must be feeding that muthafuka angel dust and red bull. #HaveABlessedSunday #RememberToTagTheBlesser #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Wow! What an ugly deluded scrubber.

  2. Seems like you’re a little harsher on the black girls…but selling your cat for coin makes anyone a dust bucket in my book

  3. Must be getting slow on here. This girl has a boyfriend and she posted him plenty of times then she deletes his picture. Get yourself a "Eastern European Trollop," Yea you mean a white girl, even my pale ass could see that.

  4. Because she is black she has bad credit. How fucked up are you?

  5. ignoranceaboundshere

    sounds like you hate her more for being black than anything else.


    smh, disgustingly racist post.

  7. You sound pretty racist to me… You’re a lot harsher on her than you are on the other non-black girls… but hey, it’s kinda known out there that Arabs are pretty racist towards black ppl… jut sad

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