This is absolutely one of the most disgusting/fucked things we’ve ever heard someone say on here. This slut @missmelaniemartin left this comment on @samalmarouf’s latest picture. Pure trash that will never amount to anything in life but sucking cock and blowing lines. This broad is the definition of trash, ignorance and megalomaniacal case study. Absolutely repulsive. #TagTeam you know what to do.

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  1. Whoa…she sounds mentally unbalanced and really trashy. I don’t know why anyone would feel the need to take the effort to post something like this on social media.

  2. It’s amazing how such a classless person can publicly say something so disgusting. Please tell me that sane people chewed her out.

  3. This website has jumped the shark.

  4. Hahaha that’s Kurt Pinto’s hooker GF.

  5. Well I guess if Samalmarouf was a real person then her comment would have been pretty accurate about him (not all arabs of course).

    If I could ask a really stupid question is that porta potties-stuff really happening? I mean happening quite often not in one kind off-freakish type of way? If so I must be pretty naive.

    • "If Samalmarouf was a real person then her comment would have been pretty accurate about them" Considering the man is most likely emirati bedouin it wouldn’t be accurate considering the people have had no contact with jews or official terrorism. On the other hand racism like this proves how whites will propagate it then get mad when other people are prejudice against them and mention caricatures & stereotypes of you pig-fucking cultureless imperialistic leeches 🙂 2 can play that game. Generalizations seem to be only fun when crackers are not on the receiving end. Samal Marouf sounds like a Maronite Christian name though; you idiots have bastardized our Christianity as well. These cheap Western whores are spreading their thighs and getting shat on by Arabs so at the end of the day THEY win.

  6. What does this have to do with exposing girls who are hookers pretending to be models or some other fake career? Is this site now a revenge site for comments posted elsewhere? She sounds like she is personally pissed off at the recipient, but clearly it is a horrible comment.

  7. It’s called an opinion. Just like what is offered on this site.

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