@soul3baby sponsored with a bf

This is for those who like to argue every time we post a Trollop with a bf.  


Just because they have a bf doesn’t mean they’re not selling pussy. Here is a perfect example.  

Dan sponsored this hoe who has a bf. Then put her on blast.  
Dan sponsored this hoe who has a bf. Then put her on blast.  
Here she is showing affection.  
Here she is showing affection.  
All lovey dovey.  
All lovey dovey.  
Here's her bf. Clearly head over heels for this whore.  
Here’s her bf. Clearly head over heels for this whore.  
I feel bad for this guy.  
I feel bad for this guy.  

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  1. OMG I fell really bad for this seemingly great boyfriend. Damn hoe, ladies this is where all the good guys have gone, conned by some dumb hoe, I hope he destroys her and she realizes that Dan thinks shes trash, she probably ruined a happy life just to be a hoe for 15 minutes

  2. a Pimp named Slickback

    Idk when these simps will learn. Stop wifing these hoes that belong to the game. Those girls are public property.

  3. All publicity. Heard they know each other

  4. Hard to tell from the pics if it’s the same girl or just two similar looking generic blondes.

  5. LOL, her FB is publichttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004233511815

  6. Ryan De Luca founded and sold BodyBuilding.com, so he’s RICHER than Dan. This dumb whore is really, really stupid.

  7. 1st Trollop Rescue Battalion

    These simps will never learn . Cuffing and falling for these trollops . Shout out to Rick Ross; he was rescued just in time from one of these IG " models ".

  8. i think they r good now – she just added him back on fb…

  9. i just read it was his wife…..

  10. So basically he was married to Bryna Matthews DeLuca B4 she is engaged now to a different man cause he left her for this piece of trash Ashley… Karma 🙂

  11. Not necessarily sponsored; plenty of hoes willing to fuck Dan for free; he’s famous. Also she may have fucked him while on a break with Ryan or fucked Dan before she met Ryan…. Not his wife btw but gf

  12. Ryan just wrote on his IG that it happened while they were broken up

  13. This smells like publicity stunt.

  14. I don’t feel bad for him. He probably rejected at least one sweet loyal girl in the past for being too boring and not made up enough. Don’t complain about hoes when all you ever consider at is 10/10 "model" girls.

  15. Who the hell would touch Dan Bilzerian?? I don’t get it. I’ve seen him with our the beard, no way.

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