“hello tag the sponser. I had this one save for a while and thought to my self I wouldn’t put it up. But I feel if I don’t do this she will never wake up. This girl was liking my images of my riches and follow me. She commented my photo and I reply to DM me. She only like my pics of jets and nice cars. That is aurotmatically a red flag. She DM me and I don’t waste my time. I know she like my riches. I tell her I want to sleep with her and see what happens. I think this is good. She will change her ways after this before she becomes a big whore. She is a good example how these Instagram “models” enter the game. A rich man follow them and they see that they follow back and try to bait them with sexy photografs and likes. Enjoy your holidays tag team” – sam


Interesting submission. I agree. Maybe this is a wake up call before she goes full pro.  

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