Tax season

There’s that time of year when everyone with a legitimate income has to file taxes. You would think that people who live a lavish lifestyle, flying in first class, private jets, yachting on weekends, and in a different city every month are making big bucks. Welp, Not everything that shines is gold, and these Instagram hoes are a perfect example. The last time they received a w-2 form was when they probably worked at Hollister at 16. Before the hoeing and leeching began. You’d think they would even fill out a w-4 form to report their earnings from photoshoots. The thing is they don’t get paid. They create these set ups to fabricate a modeling career. It’s all a facade. Ask your favorite Instagram model what was the last campaign she did? If you’re not Cara Delevingne or one of the top VS models you aren’t cutting that big of checks. Specially if you don’t look like one. Being botched is frowned upon in the fashion world so you’re def not getting hired with fake tits and ass. So of course they choose one of the 375 thirsty photographers commenting on their pictures to shoot them. They will pick Julio who just bought a canon t3i on sale last week and is willing to drive 4 hours from Orlando to Miami to shoot some hoe for free in order to get a whiff of her cheap Sephora body spray. And if the photographer has a decent portfolio and a lot of followers they will pay, but not for the body of work, but for that shoutout once the photos are published. Our point is, these hoes are reminiscing last years body count and trying to figure out which sponsor is the richest to hit them with that “hey you” text. Because we all know whether you’re making 80k or 25k a year, once that income tax check comes in we might spend it on something stupid. So why not on your #wcw. Next time you see your Instagram model ask her if she’s filled her taxes yet, if she rolls her eyes, stutters, or looks confused; she’s selling pussy. #BlessUp

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