Josie.mont aka Josie Montalvo Alanis

“Hey what’s up TagTeam here is Josie Montalvo Alanis. This is This one was really one of my wemen crushes of Instagram. I always followed her. I didn’t want to message her in fear of her being really a whore. My fears came true when she agreed to sex me for money. I believe nothing anymore. As you Americans say I took the red pill. Do you think police will do anything about it? ”

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  1. Changed IG name to Josie_m10

  2. So she was willing to commit to at least 2 illegal acts. Smdh

  3. Bird is nahhhhsteh

  4. Damn what a trip

  5. I know his insta page looks legit but how the fuck do these girls just DM nudes? I’m not complaining to.

  6. She changed her name again or deleted her account. It’s no longer josie_m10????

  7. I feel very naive. I’m always there thinking how stunning these girls are on IG – reality, they are on the game. Tut!

  8. Late 20’s to mid 30’s is usually peak beauty for women. That said, why is a 32 year old woman sending pics (nude pics, no less) to a complete stranger – and her bed is unmade?! These women are always sending pics of trashed rooms and unmade beds in the background. I don’t get it.

  9. Reopened her ig and changed name back to josie.mont

  10. Ha next post she is gonna say she’s been hacked!
    And gracie pedo I haven’t forgotten about u

  11. Don’t cover the good stuff

  12. This was a year ago it says 2016

  13. new to this site, genuinely just curious as to why the nudes they send are filtered? Does OP censor them to protect her privacy, or does she send them censored? thanks guys

  14. do any of these girls reallt go

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