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Ah, Another year of spring break week and new generation of aspiring newcomers to the city with all their innocent hopes and dreams.
It‘s only a matter of time before they are snatched up by a few promoters, pressured to go out every night and end up in the ‘scene’, or if they are lucky a free ‘model’ apartment where they are forced to go out nightly, partying thinking they are cool and living the dream, traveling the world with rich men twice their age doing unimaginable things that they block out pretending that it never happened because the chanel bags and expensive shoes they get as gifts and all the people back home commenting on their impressive’ instagram pics since they have to document the dream being lived.
Helps to keep their minds off of what’s actually happening. Start missing classes and castings, lose ambition, have a skewed perception of reality and what’s really important, only to wake up 4 years later realizing they just wasted their best years, looking worn out like they are 40 at 23 because of all the partying and have massive entitlement issues.
Date a bunch of guys thinking they are amazing but in actuality they have 5 of you and are only looking to high live their boys the next day telling them the story of how retarded you are. End up taking a low paying job in fashion or pr thinking its the best way to get their life started, end up doing it all over again just in a professional” setting so in their mind it’s justified.
Increasingly become miserable and rude being that it’s part of the culture, date every wall street finance douche who sells you on the dream but in actuality you’re just there to fill a temporary need till they find someone hotter, and probably sick of hearing you name drop your d list celebrity friends you partied with on a yacht in st tropez when you were 24, and weirded out by how impressive you think you are for knowing every doorman at all the clubs, so he cheats on you with your younger hotter intern, leaves you even more damaged and confused.
Dismissing every good guy you meet because they would prefer to give you a meaningful $20 gift over a $1500 bag until you wake up and you’re 31, miserable. single, confused, definitely not looking like you did at 22 so you’re expectations will never be met even though you think you deserve the amazing guy because you’re a good person’.
The pressure to settle down overwhelms you because your time is running out but you can’t settle for any average guy since you’re used to being taken care of, your therapist prescribes you a cocktail of medications to assist with all your emotions sending you into a weekly bipolar rage until you find a genuine nice guy who you can be happy with but in the back of your mind you are settling, so after moving to long island having 2 kids and trying to live a normal life, the misery overcomes you, sends you into the arms of another married man you met at the gym. you ruin 2 marriages at once and you are left to pick up all the pieces… Make sure to post lots of pics..
Good Luck Class of 2021

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  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful! You speak the truth bro! Reality check

  2. Not all hoes are dumb hoes, the smart ones and the prettiest ones will take care of their bodies and lock down their pay pig before their beauty expires.Or if you don’t wan’t to be saddled with the same pay pig for decades you could have 2 or 3 of them, collect actual assets, and build your little nest egg.

  3. SO TRUE!

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