How instagram models end up with large amount of followers

We noticed a lot of people in disbelief & in shock towards how some of these Instagram models, who are barely a 5 or a 6 reach 500k to 1 million followers. Some of you can’t stress enough how the masses can dumb down to such extent and become fans of hoes who do nothing for a living but post cleavage and ass cracks. We are with you too. But this is how it works. No these girls don’t acquire fans out of no where, as dumb as most humans are, they don’t gain fans/followers from being no bodies. This is how it works, there are sites, such as blackhatworld, where you can purchase accounts with certain amount of followers. You can purchase an account with 400k to a 1 million followers for 8,000-20,000 dollars. At least half of the followers are real. They build these profiles from being meme accounts, parody accounts, comedy, or “sexy” women shout outs. By posting relevant stuff, and humor, etc they gather a following little by little. Once it has a substantial amount of followers, they sell it. Now here’s the tricky part. You ever met someone who’s Instagram account was hacked? It’s not likely. Notice how these girls account always get hacked magically. Then on their backup account with a quarter of followers from their original profile, always post on their bio “hacked at 300k”. Then just end up staying with 200k on their back up account and using that from then on. But it won’t really grow. Of course the some simps will follow but nothing substantial. I mean just go see the kind of men that comment on their pics. It’s heartbreaking. Here’s the thing, once they buy the account and use it for a long period of time. The person who sold it to them, will hack the account. And when I mean hack I mean, just resetting the password through the original accounts email. Then change the name, delete all the pictures. Create it into a humor account or sexy shoutout account, until they find another buyer. So no, these women don’t just get fans out of no where from being do nothing bitches. It’s just a small investment they make to create a facade. They want to have this grandiose online presence, which will reel in, sponsors, fittea bullshit, and get booked to shoot for perverted amateur photographers. Don’t believe the hype, these bitches are all frauds.  

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  1. oh wow, even though i’m aware of blackhatworld i didnt think these 0.3 IQ girls actually are smart enough to use it, what’s really sad is tho that these cucks actually go through with it and make it (from the womens view) a valuable investment, paying let’s say $10k for such an account is nothing when you later on make $50k every night from fucking

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