Gabriela Ordoñez from Spain proves her loyalty to sheik for a trip to Dubai (Shocking)

” Lol got a good one. she messaged me and I see her traveling a lot so I knew already. Read the story wont try to spoil it but I really didnt think she would do it, even after she agreed to have sex with my nephew. I hope I have the best story so far! haha btw please censor my celphone provider. Hope the tag fans enjoy this one catcha later!”




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  1. good to see the site is still alive
    cant reach the old content 😐
    does anybody know a way to reach it?

  2. haazhahhah she realy do tatto? i cant believe hahah

  3. what does a man need to do to get the uncensored photos

  4. Damn, these birds really have pea-sized brains

  5. She’s so cheap and desperate. Showing off all the goodies without striking a real deal but she’s quite attractive

  6. Is there any way to get these pics and vids uncensored? Thank you

  7. Omg she is so fucking stupid. The guy didn’t know what a kandora was, that should have been the first clue that she was being trolled. “Don’t treat me like a prostitute” prostitutes are smarter actually.

  8. My favorite part is where she is unable to realize her own hypocrisy? I don’t want you to call me a prostitute even if I’m accepting a 10,000 USD payment for having sex in Ibiza. They get dumber every year.

  9. I actually feel sorry for this girl. There was something naive about her. Most of these birches are so hardened. They’re jaded as fuck. Look at that bitch who wouldn’t have a conversation without a deposit. And then there is this girl. Her need for money, probably the driving force in her life, doesn’t hide her absolute pathological need for acceptance and attention. A TATTOO FOR A STRANGER. I ASK YOU. WTF.

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