How does @priirinteresten aka Priscilla Rose Roel afford all the traveling? Find out

“My friend sent me this girl to book for my miami trip. I gave it a shot and negotiated dates for my business trip then a better model ended up answering me with much better price and the one I booked didnt hide it or act better then me. Anyway this is Priscilla I think she from rhode island or new york. never heard of rhode island before i thought it was a prison lol. old georgia butt though. She travels a lot so I knew she has many miles in her vaj. No one travels that much unless unless they rich or selling pussy. She was down for my weird fetishes. her asshole hairier then my beard lol Bye”




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  1. Can someone answer me if this is real or he is pretending? Because I saw that tiger piss in girls mouth video going around awhile ago. Also if he is real does he actually fly them out or just expose them?

  2. What about mspriscillarose instagram model from atl? She has momo “s commenting on her photos for dates .

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