Two Instagram models ‘used fake nanny job to trick student, 18, into becoming a £19k sex slave in the Middle East’

Ksenia Starikova, 22, and Tatiana Petrova, 19, were arrested at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow over their alleged involvement in the sick plot

TWO IG models have been dramatically detained at a Moscow airport for seeking to sell an 18-year-old female student as a SEX SLAVE, police have said.

The suspects were arrested after allegedly clinching a deal to sell the girl into a world of depraved torture and prostitution with a buyer in a Middle Eastern country for £19,000.

Russian beauty queen Ksenia Starikova, pictured, allegedly masterminded the plot to sell a teenager into sex slavery

The vulernable student was led to believe she had secured a job as a nanny in the unnamed country.

But in reality the teen would have been stripped of her passport, beaten, kidnapped, and forced to work as a prostitute in a brothel, say Russian police sources.

The detained women are beauty contestants Ksenia Starikova, 22, a mother-of-one and the alleged mastermind of the scheme, and Tatiana Petrova, 19.

A video shows them hiding their faces after they were detained by police at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow.

Two beauty queens detained for ‘trying to sell teen girl into sex slavery’

Tatiana Petrova, 19, was also arrested by cops at a Moscow airport for her alleged role in the depraved plot

Cops detain the two women who allegedly agreed a fee of £19,000 with a buyer from a Middle Eastern country

Starikova, pictured, is alleged to have helped convince the victim she had secured a nanny job in the unnamed Middle Eastern country

Petrova, pictured, and fellow suspect Starikova are both models and have featured in high profile beauty contests in Russia

They were held as Petrova prepared to board a plane bound for Turkey with the victim, it was alleged.

It is unclear if this was the final destination.

Police staged a sting operation posing as buyers, and the women were arrested after Starikova received £19,000 at the airport, it is alleged.

Starikova, who is a Mrs Russia 2017 finalist, is divorced from her military husband and is a single mother with a 14-month-old daughter.

Petrova says she is a Russian-Bulgarian model and was a finalist of Top Russia International 2018 beauty contest.

Starikova is a divorced single mother who is accused of being the ring leader behind the sordid plot

Teenager Petrova was a finalist in Russia’s International 2018 beauty contest

The 19-year-old suspect is said to be assisting cops with their investigation following her arrest

Starikova, pictured, runs a modelling agency but now faces years behind bars for her alleged involvement in the plot

Both women have been charged with human trafficking and face up to six years in jail if convicted.

The older suspect, reported as running a “modelling agency” while also studying for a master’s degree and working as a gymnastics coach, is held in detention.

Petrova is assisting police in explaining their trafficking plan, and is under house arrest, said law enforcement sources.

Police say the women found a buyer for the student – fluent in English and German – on social media.

They negotiated with him for several weeks before agreeing the deal and taking the victim to Domodedovo airport in Moscow.

The teen victim was described as a student of a foreign languages university in Moscow who had graduated with honours from her school.

The young girl was originally from Serpukhov, 60 miles south of Moscow.

Starikova was detained for two months in detention pending investigations into the case.

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