British Sponsorettes Grace Lily Gil aka @GraceLm1 and Frances Claudia Thorpe aka @fclaudiax agree to fetishes for Dubai Royal

” hello tag team here we have Grace Mai Lily Gil aka @Grace_mai1 (Now @GraceLm1) and Frances Claudia Thorpe aka @fclaudiax. Grace is a bird from Leeds that claims to be half Brazilian and half British but clearly a lie. She’s from Bawtry. These slags are starting younger every day eh? Grace is 18 but known to have been around buying expensive gifts and lavish trips without a job or going to school. Then we have Frances Claudia. Originally from Sheffield and a little older than the previous bird. This one is 24 and must be the one showing Grace how to sell herself. From lavish trips to Miami to flying in private jets she is well a veteran to the game. Both agree to anal, threesome and giving rimjobs for a trip to Dubai. Cheers mate!”

Now Frances agreement:



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