Erin Budina & Reem Haddad Hooker ring

@erin_budina having a chat with the sponsor about @reemtheequeen – This story was lost when we switched hosts for it backing up the site properly. Since she wants to talk shit and call us liars (something we never have and never will do) we will be reuploading the story to …

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Reem Haddad aka Reemtheequeen – Sponsored 

Time out bitches really selling pussy on IG through promoted ads. Instagram has 0 chill – Who remembers when we caught this bitch and a whole ring of London and Miami IG “models” selling ass by the pound ???#YesThisIsReal #Unbelievable #TagTheSponsor #YaFunkyBitch @reemtheequeen

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Lena Nersesian and Emily Rinaudo (videos and pictures)

What’s up tag team. I’m submitting Lena Nersesian and Emily Rinaudo better known as @lenatheplug and @emjayxo_  I’ve booked Lena twice and Emily booked once (second time Lena brought her along). They’re ok girls but boring to be around if you’re not going to fuck. Lena wants to be “hood” …

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