Karina Skurd is a frequent Trollop in Dubai @karinashk


“My friends in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain, told me about her antics, So i decided to test the waters. Heathrow Karina Skurd is a frequent Trollop in Dubai. She is Stonian living in the U.K. Sincerely yours Abdullah from Dubai.”  

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Pamela Wolek deserves a price 


Pamela Claudia Wolek firmly believes she deserves an award for thinking she can fool one of our fans.  “clearly sells pussy since she decided to follow me and like my pictures. I go to her her and it is all selfies and sexual pictures. Trying to attract sponsors like me. …

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Ekaterina Zueva is too expensive! @zuueva


“I came across this super mega bird on my Instagram. She does look good, but wished the face matched the body. Anyways, I saw that this girl traveled the world. Luxury hotels, expensive cars, 5 star locations, fine dining. How does she afford it? I’ve yet to see one of …

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Saudi Prince Nawaf al-Saud sponsoring in turkey. 


Funny to see the women driving the jet skis. Check out Saudi Prince Nawaf al-Saud in #Turkey with his some sponsorettes, while women aren’t allowed 2 drive in his country. Insane isn’t it? I wonder if he found them on Instagram. Saudi Defense Minister Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (Son of …

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